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Acceptance, Tolerance & Our Personal Truth

June 15, 2017

In this Contemplative Living Show we will explore Acceptance of Ourselves, Tolerance of Life's Situations , & Our Personal Truth. Toward the end of the podcast I’ll share a guided Contemplative Meditation.
Today we will be repeating the Energy Breaths Meditation that we did in the last podcast.

In these podcasts I try to give you a taste of a method of Contemplation that I sometimes call Reflection or Introspection. In future Podcasts we will explore Subjects like Authenticity,  Non-Judgement, Breaking Free of Separateness,  & Becoming Aware.  All of these timely subjects are based on my book “A Voice as Old as Time: Contemplations For Spiritual Transformation.

Our Divine Essence draws its energy and power from Universal Oneness, and when our essence feels cut off from Oneness it withers. When it reconnects, our essence comes alive and we grow spiritually.